Why Us


Why Us?

As the need for and success of Inclusive Marketing becomes more known, this space is becoming more saturated. But, unfortunately, the field of Inclusive Marketing is quite new, so many are still only doing the bare minimum. As experts in the field, here are just a few of the things we at AndHumanity are doing differently.

Educational Account & Project Management

Yes, we’ll support your Inclusive marketing outputs. But we’ll also help you grow. Wherever you are on your inclusion journey, you’ll be met without judgment. As we work together, we’ll help you understand your impact on underrepresented communities and be trusted advisors on your journey to become more inclusive. And we’ll help you recognize where power dynamics might be preventing authentically inclusive work from happening.

Inclusive Market Data & Insights

We can’t create Inclusive Marketing with the same biased marketing research and interpretations. We’re trained to design inclusive data collection. When we interpret that data, we avoid assuming everyone experiences the world the same way, consider language differences and nuances, and avoid stereotypes and generalizations.

Inclusive Marketing Strategies

Our in-house strategy team engages those with lived experience and is trained in inclusion practices, including cultural literacy, to ensure our strategies resonate with and don’t cause harm to underrepresented communities. Our strategy approaches also embrace intersectionality, or the idea that we are complete human beings with various dimensions of diversity. In other words, we don’t box people into a single identity. And our inclusive targeting methods disrupt traditional targeting, which often causes erasure and focuses on the most privileged.

Inclusive Creative

Those with lived experience always co-design or lead creative work. This is never tokenistic. We foster safe and brave spaces for honest dialogue and dialogue to ensure lived experience actually influences the outcome. We always have a deep understanding of the people or groups being represented, including historical context, systemic oppression and the current state of representation. By doing this, we create thoughtful content that resonates, rather than perpetuating stereotypes or tropes.

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Adapted from Dr. Bennett’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, our self-assessment tool can help you learn how inclusive your brand is, as well as next steps and tips to improve.

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