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We’re not your typical full-service agency – everything we do is designed for inclusion, so you can build forward-thinking marketing and communications rooted in inclusive customer experiences. Our diverse experts and partners are your trusted advisors and co-creators, strengthening brand loyalty by reflecting and resonating with your diverse audience. We amplify equity-deserving voices in all our work, and this resounds with audiences at large.

Before we act, we need to understand. Audiences at large want – and expect – inclusion. Get a data-driven understanding of how inclusive your marketing and communications are, who you’re excluding, and insights that will help you move forward authentically and strategically.

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Our standard inclusive assessment includes:

  • Inclusive market research (qualitative, quantitative, data interpretation) to understand over and underrepresent dimensions of identity and general perceptions of your marketing or brand
  • Assessments of your current marketing and communications by diverse communications professionals through an Equity-Deserving Allies Network
  • Assessing where your brand is on the AndHumanity Brand Inclusion Curve
  • Identifying priority underrepresented audiences
  • Presentation of results and insights and recommended next steps

Inclusive Marketing requires an authentically inclusive brand. We build inclusive brand strategy and visuals that resonate with your diverse audiences. We’re never performative and work with you to build a resonant, creative, genuine and compelling brand idenity through a lens of inclusion and accessibility.

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Our standard inclusive brand strategy services include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative brand research and insights
  • Brand strategy (positioning, identity, persona, voice, messaging pillars, etc.)
  • Visual brand identity (logo, fonts, colours, visuals, etc.)
  • Brand guidelines and application guides

This step typically follows our Inclusive Assessment. However, depending on the type of strategy and existing data, we may be able to move right into strategizing. We create inclusive integrated marketing strategies and implementation plans or can support more specific needs (ex. platform-specific strategies or targeted campaigns).

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Our inclusive marketing strategy services include:

  • Integrated marketing strategies
  • Digital and paid media strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • Content strategies
  • Communications strategies

There’s no such thing as a universal truth, and audiences aren’t homogenous. Inclusive campaigns tell riveting stories; there’s no trade off. We’ll help you ideate innovative, dynamic and inclusive creative concepts that resonate with your diverse audiences. 

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Some of our standard services include:

  • Brainstorming and workshopping with your team or marketing partners
  • Inclusive creative concepting and pitches based on your brief
  • Creative co-creation between JEDI marketing experts and an Equity-Deserving Allies network
  • Inclusive creative idea testing and refinement

Authentically inclusive outputs require inclusive processes. All of our production is guided by the motto, “nothing about us without us.” Content is co-created by diverse experts who bring a lens of lived experience to their delivery, resulting in top quality work and beautiful stories. 

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Some of our standardized services include:

  • All aspects of creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • Video and photography, including all stages of production and casting
  • Inclusive copywriting
  • Inclusive social media content and delivery
  • Inclusive web design, content and production
  • SEO optimization
Our digital media services maximize reach and deliver your content to audiences it resonates with. We engage equity-deserving groups to reach priority audiences at the right time, on the right channel, and most efficiently and effectively.
We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Some of our standardized services include:
  • Inclusive digital research to establish suitable audience segments. (qualitative, quantitative, data analysis).
  • Engaging those with lived experience through an Equity-Deserving Allies Network.
  • Digital outreach media mix recommendations (channels, targeting, campaign setup).
  • Inclusive hyper-targeting for priority audiences based upon their interests, affinity, orientation, behavior, demographics, geo-locations, etc.
  • Digital campaign execution on popular platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc) to reach under-represented communities.
  • Digital Performance Reporting for metrics like Brand Visibility (Impressions), Brand Reach (Users Reached), Media Effectiveness (Click Through Rates), Top of the funnel traffic (Visitors), Social Engagement Metrics (Likes, followers, shares, etc.)
Our work drives inclusive, data-driven results, and we’re committed to continuous assessment and improvement. Alongside standard marketing Key Performance Indicators, we set ground-breaking benchmarks and measurements around marketing inclusion. Our team is trained in inclusive data and reporting processes to avoid bias and erasure in how data is interpreted and actioned.
We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Some of our standardized services include:
  • Identifying bias or exclusion in existing marketing data collection or reporting.
  • Establishing inclusive evaluation processes, in collaboration with an Equity-Deserving Allies Network.
  • Pre and post-project assessments, to determine authentic inclusion.
  • Evaluating the campaign’s resonance & impact on the audience.

Our seasoned Marketing and Communications and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) experts take a non-judgmental, authentic and future-focused approach to your situation and needs. We can consult or advise on anything Inclusive Marketing-related, including campaigns, plans and strategies, documents and public relations.

We can customize and tailor services to your needs. Some of our standardized services include:

  • Creating more inclusive marketing outputs
  • Building more inclusive marketing departments and processes
  • Campaign, ad or platform inclusivity assessments
  • Inclusive language and communications feedback
  • Authentic public image and relations around inclusion

Our marketing, communications and inclusion educators offer training, workshops and resources tailored to your team, organization and industry. From introductory courses to applying inclusive marketing to building resources, we meet you wherever you are on your inclusion journey. 

We research and design custom training to meet your needs. Some topics we offer include:

  • Introduction to Inclusive Marketing
  • Why Inclusive Marketing Works
  • Inclusive Marketing Best Practices
  • Inclusive Language
  • Inclusive Design
  • Inclusive Visuals and Production
  • Customized training, including how to be more inclusive of specific equity-deserving groups or how Inclusive Marketing relates to a specific topic

Inclusive Marketing is the future of marketing, and we’re so excited about the steps our industry is taking to promote belonging. Our team of diverse experts can speak to a variety of Inclusive Marketing topics and how to apply them. We’d love to share our expertise with your audience or organization! 

We can customize a presentation or written resource to any Inclusive Marketing-related topic. Some services we offer include:

  • Public speaking and presentations around Inclusive Marketing at conferences and events 
  • Participation in marketing or inclusion panels
  • Corporate seminars on how to incorporate Inclusive Marketing into your leadership practice
  • Educational blog posts to help those within your organization learn about inclusive communication

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