Marketers and Communicators need to move beyond “palatable disruption”

Marketers love disruptors.

Leaders and brands who disrupt the status quo and revolutionize age-old tactics or ways of thinking are celebrated.

Agencies and brands are publicly lauded and win major awards for their disruption.

But at AndHumanity, sometimes we wonder – to what extent of disruption?

Sometimes we feel the narrative is more like, “disruption is good – but not too much. It still needs to be realistic, or it still needs to be palatable, or it still needs to exist within the confines of X, or Y, or Z”. And that’s not the type of disruption we want to celebrate anymore.

Can we instead start to celebrate disruption that forces us to sit in discomfort? To sit with our past mistakes and to acknowledge that moving forward requires truly looking back?

Can we celebrate disruption that forces us to decenter ourselves? To let underrepresented voices take over and to sit with the discomfort of not being in control?

Can we celebrate disruption that is often scoffed at as being too radical or too unrealistic? To give real thought to the fact that it is only seemingly unrealistic because we are conditioned to think that way?

If this is the type of the disruption we can start to celebrate, then we’re all for it.

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