Here’s one of simplest first steps you can take for your Inclusive Marketing and Communications journey


It starts with you.

Integrating inclusion into your work isn’t merely a checklist of actions and tactics you can follow whilst keeping your day-to-day routine. It’s a complete mindset change; one where you truly unlearn fundamental marketing/comms things that you were taught in your early career or in school, and you challenge yourself to be uncomfortable. You revamp the way you think and work and learn that a lot of the “restrictions” to change are only there to uphold systemic inequities.

One of our favourite and most accessible tips for your own journey comes from one of our very own AndHumanity advisors, Sonia Thompson. Her recommendation was to “expand your circle of influence”. Spend just 5 minutes today following other people on your social platforms that share a more intercultural way of thinking in your field.

I’ll help you get started – here are some active people on LinkedIn that are in the JEDI+MarComm field:

– Sonia Thompson (of course!)
– Lola Bakare
– Sabrina Meherally
– Deyra Jaye Fontaine
– Natalia Sanyal
– Michelle Ngome
– Kat Kennan

Good luck on your journey!

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