A fish-eye lens photo of 4 twenty-something year olds in a room sitting on a light brown couch looking and pointing at the camera. It's a diverse group and there are vintage speakers next to the couch on either side as well as a framed image of a yellow sports car hanging behind them.

Are Brands Ready for Generation Z? The Ultimate Purpose-Driven Consumer

In a webinar hosted by Canada Post, this infographic they shared showcases a really interesting trend:

Inforgraphic showing various statistics of how Generation Z will align their values with a brand before they buy from them. The infographic shows that Generation Z desires this more than any other generation that preceded them.

There are many studies that show Generation Y / Millennials to be very focused on aligning their values before purchasing, but this infographic shows Generation Z is not only continuing, but building upon this trend. We predict future generations will only continue building upon this trend as well and these %’s will get higher and higher.

Some other notable insights on Generation Z from this report:

➡️ Members of Generation Z are more likely to and support businesses owned by women or IBPOC

➡️ Sustainability, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion matter a lot. “They did the work, looked inwards and examined their core values, now, they are looking to align those core values with the businesses and brands they frequent.”

➡️ They embrace authenticity and transparency; “Gen Z is a welcome audience for brands that speak authentically about their values. Don’t fear being more transparent when speaking with members of this generation.”

➡️ And lastly, a bonus statistic we learned from Joyann Boyce; “49% of Gen Z have stopped purchasing from a brand that did not represent their values.

It’s undeniable; Generation Z is the future. The only question is; are brands ready for to align their values with theirs?

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