A Personal Message for changemakers who have been told they’re “too much”

In the beginning years of AndHumanity, I used to constantly struggle with the feeling of being both “too much” and “not enough” at the same time.

I wanted our work to be truly impactful, but I also didn’t want to be “too much” for our clients. This ongoing worry of feeling like I’m “too much” led me to hold back, which in turn initiated a feeling that what we were doing was “not enough”.

I talked to countless folks in the DEI industry who felt similarly to me, and many of them told me what I know now but I couldn’t truly absorb or understand it.

It only truly hit me when one day I learned that one small instance of my worry about being “too much” directly led to work that was overly compromised. That’s when I knew I had to stop.

Since then, I’ve learned that I and our team were never actually “too much”. It only felt that way because we were going up against centuries of reinforced systems of oppression and thought processes that conditioned me to think that being disruptive equated to being unnecessarily annoying.

So for those who need to hear it, believe me when I say, you’re not “too much” at all. In fact, you’re exactly what the world needs.

Keep going.

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