An abstract background of pink, purple, and blue circles dispersed across, around, above, and below a pink rectangle which is within a greater white background. The image is an element of Kantar's branding for the Brand Inclusion Index.

Study Further Proves that Inclusivity is a Brand’s Responsibility

Kantar recently released its Brand Inclusion Index for 2023, a study of the U.S. population’s perception of brands’ diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

2 specific statistics stood out to us from the study:

1. The potential business losses brands could face by not engaging in the conversation around DE&I totals approximately $5.4 trillion! 💰 💰

2. 7 out of 10 people agree that “businesses and brands have a responsibility to make society fair for everyone”

These are extremely important statistics because there is a loud minority of voices that are threatening boycotts/financial backlash for brands integrating inclusion, but to follow these voices is very misleading. This research shows that the majority still not only has a strong desire for brands to be more inclusive, but they believe its part of a brand’s responsibility as well.

Read more about the study here.

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