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Stop Searching; There are no Secret Guidelines for Inclusive Marketing and Communications

Let’s talk about a common ✅ check box-y ✅ mindset when it comes to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) + Marketing/Communications work.

“Can you make it more tactical?”
“Can you make it more applicable to my day-to-day?”
“Can you give me a list I should be following?”

These are very common requests we receive from marketers and communicators who are looking to integrate #inclusion into their work.

However, the issue with these questions is that it implies that there is a special/secret list of guidelines or rules a marketer or communicator must comply with and only if they do that, will their work be inclusive. Unfortunately, this is a very ✅ check-boxy way ✅ of approaching the work.

In reality, authentically integrating inclusion into MarComm work is primarily based on understanding the principles of JEDI, and then learning to apply these principles to your MarComm work. This doesn’t mean it can’t be tactical or applicable, it just means it can come in many shapes and forms, and is as ever-evolving as JEDI principles are too.

So unfortunately, there is no explicit rulebook that will make you an inclusive marketer or an inclusive communicator. As they say, “if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it”.

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